About Us

We are a team of Peruvian and Brazilian young professionals specialized in ecotourism and bird watching, with over 10 years experience. We believe that through responsible tourism in nature and bird watching, well organized and balanced, we can contribute to the conservation of all ecosystems,

especially the Amazon forest and thereby create jobs to native communities, enabling them to improve quality of life. Also, experience shows that ecotourism in general and especially tourism bird watching, produces the least impact on the life cycle of a natural area.

Accordingly, the proposal meets Peru Fly-in our experience of 10 years and our future commitment to conservation through bird watching and nature tourism.

Our Team: 

Jose Antonio Padilla Reyes

Jose Antonio Padilla was born in Lima, Peru, three decades ago. After school he got a Licensed Degree in Nature Tourism at the Centro de Formacion en Turismo - Cenfotur, Lima. He first began working in ecotourism when he was 21 years old in the Tambopata National Reserve in south-eastern Peru in the pristine region of Madre de Dios. Since then, he has worked as a naturist and bird guide for more than 10 years. In 2003 he took the invitation to go to Glasgow, Scotland, where he lived for over a year, studying English and working in the hospitality business. Jose Antonio then returned to Peru, and has spent most of this time travelling around Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and guiding birding trips in the Southeastern Peruvian rainforest, specifically in Manu national Park, a paradise for birders, learning from some of the most renowned ornithologists that have visited the area in the last few years (Barry Walker, Steve Hilty, Lelis Navarrete, Tomas Valqui, Jose Ignacio - Pepe - Rojas, Renzo Zepilli, etc). He also has an intimate knowledge of the rainforest and of course of the flora and fauna that live in these complex ecosystems. He has also led tours in the Tambopata- National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park; both protected areas situated in the Peruvian rainforest. In 2011, he spent 3 months working in Pantanal – Brazil: “the biggest wetland in the world”, where more birds were added to his lifelist, learning a lot about jaguars and that amazing ecosistem, specially from Charles and Mariana Munn, the owners of the “Jaguar Research center” and the “Pantanal Wildlife Center”, so Brazilian portuguese was added to his fluent English and Spanish; the languages Jose Antonio speaks and writes. Nowadays Jose Antonio lives in Cusco, spending his time leading bird tours between Manu Biosphere reserve, Cusco and other interesting and remote high Andean and Central Peruvian, Brazil and Bolivian localities. 



Ernesto L. Padilla Reyes

Industrial Engineer specialized in business development, through the customized advice, training  and,  continuous improvement of the Integrated Management Systems of the company.

He has worked directly on development of small business entrepreneurs of Lima and the provinces of Peru (Loreto, Junin, Manu and so on).

Expert in the organization of specialized birding tours in Peru, Bolivia and  Brazil, always looking for the customer satisfaction.